Jonathan D'mello


J.J. D’mello graduated from McMaster University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and Cultural Studies. It is at McMaster where his love and passion for dance first truly bloomed. His experiences at McMaster pushed him to become the dancer and choreographer he is now. While at McMaster, Jonathan was the leader of the award-winning OUCH team. He spent much time training and working for some of Toronto’s most respected choreographers such as Shavar Blackwood, Leon Blackwood, Leah Totten, and currently continues his training at Footnotes Elite directed by Andrew ‘Pyro’ Chung and Mariano ‘Glizzi’ Abarca.

Today, J.J. is a working choreographer/teacher teaching regular drop-ins at Kindred Culture, Rightfoot Dance Studio, and Underground Dance Centre. In addition to teaching drop-in classes, Jonathan choreographs award-winning pieces for studios across Canada and the United States. He has even had the good fortune of travelling and teaching internationally in the United States and Asia. His choreography has propelled him to stages well-respected and known by many such as the R2D Camp and has even afforded him opportunities to judge competitions such as The Academy: Urban Dance Competition and Redefined Dance Competition.

Most importantly, J.J. has become well known for the care of his art, his classes, and his students. His work is renowned for its artistry, complexity, and creativity and he works towards leading others to do the same. He finds greater achievements in being able to educate individuals, instilling values in the up-and-coming, and inspiring others to strive for greatness. He believes that creativity will only flourish by facilitating positive spaces for people to grow together whilst always working hard and emphasizing progress over perfection.