Dancers Burlington will be offering the following Acro classes for the 2021-2022 season:

Junior Acro: Designed for dancers aged 5-7, this class offers a unique and high-energy approach to Jazz and Gymnastics. Dancers will be introduced to our Junior-level Jazz curriculum as well as basic Gymnastics technique and will develop their flexibility, strength and balance.

Intermediate Acro: Our Intermediate Acro class is designed for dancers aged 8 to 11 who are interested in developing their Gymnastics and Jazz techniques through our exciting and engaging Acrojazz curriculum. This class will challenge dancers to improve their strength, flexibility and balance.

Intermediate Advanced Acro: This high-energy class is suitable for dancers aged 8 to 11 who have some Gymnastics experience and are looking for an additional challenge in technique and choreography. Focusing on dancers’ flexibility, balance and strength, this class is sure to challenge and engage.

Teen Acro: Designed for dancers aged 12 and up, this class will inspire, encourage and excite your teen as they develop their skill set in both jazz and gymnastics. Perfect for dancers with or without experience, this class will facilitate dancers’ improvement in strength, flexibility and balance.

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